Thursday, April 3, 2014

He's still trying to crack the code...

My eyes are open, and I'm feeling wide awake,
I can see now more, and please make no mistakes,
I know you still can't crack the code,
That is what I saw you say,
I know you have the file,
But I don't have it, so I just wont break,

Do you still think that you know me?
Do you think I'm still not that smart?
I may not hold much book knowledge,
But I do have other means,
Maybe a mental condition, that makes me see unseen,
Maybe just a fluke I hear from other people's dreams,

I'm not a witch I tell you,
It's so much more than that,
I hear many things,
But I wont elaborate to much on that,
I give messages to others,
I share my words,
But don't accuse me of scamming any,
As I ask nothing in return...

I don't use any candles,
My rocks just help me sleep,
They keep my dreams clearer,
They help keep them from dreaming things, that no one wants to hear...
My rocks are not drugs,
They are rather trinkets of sorts,
They can't be burned nor smoked, you can't put them in your nose to snort,
They are just pretty stones, of many colors you see,
They are only simple gems,
What kind of rocks are yours?

I have some happy moments, they come and they go,
I cherish those times, I carry them deep within my heart,
I write this live, I'm typing it right now.
My words wont always work for you,
Because you, like myself, have too much doubt.
My doubt though it can be heavy,
It's not so much as it was,
Because I see more happening,
It starting to clear some of that doubt.

You think I'll tell you the code?
Sorry I am not that naive,
I don't have the file,
You do, so why even bother trying to deceive?
Treat me like a joke,
I prove you to be a fool.

Hope you enjoy my words, scattered here and there, please have a read of my other blogs. I don't come around too often, but when I do I try to make it worth the read!

Farewell Loves
Unknown Sender

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