Friday, February 24, 2017

Working it's working and so am I!

I have been away,
I have been working,
And so have other things,
Been working!

Keeping busy,
Working steadily,
And think big for my future,
And the future of others,
Among other things!

Tuesday's are my Monday's,
Saturday's are my Friday's,
Sunday and Monday's are my weekends...
It kind of a sweet deal,
To say the least!

I hope you are all doing well,
I am not sure about that beast,
Guess he's changed the world,
Feel like I should give my head a thump,
Why the hell did they, elect Trump?

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Don't sell your soul for $0.50
The devil is a cheap Bastard and it isn't worth it!

Please check my other blog posts for my symbolic related views, and other random posts!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

They are still contacting me!

They are still contacting me, but from where I do not know!
Words that always stand out,
Words that stand out as if I am only hearing or reading between the lines...
A long time ago, I learned..."Don't take it personally!"
Why do I say that?
It happened elsewhere and not to me!
A name was spoken, and then I saw it in the news, or someone said it to me!

Why do I confess this?
I am unknown, you don't know who I am, or know me personally, and those who do know me personally, do not know what I am confessing!

What have I heard lately?
Stuff about suicide, this one has been going on a very long time!
People have gone missing, the proof is on the news or on someone's new status on my facebook news feed.
People crying they are innocent , yet they are not believed and then thrown away! (I have posted that in a past post or posts)
I start to fall asleep and hear a girl screaming at a man! "You can't treat me this way" Yeah, that's what they say.
Even just last night as I drift off to sleep, and young mans voice says, "I am going to rape you" and then he snickers!
Last Night I heard a man threatening to rip a people apart...I "feel" like it was directed towards a female!
This morning as I awake I heard "it's just like you're commiting suicide", I have no idea of what this is referring to, so by now maybe you can understand my frustration at this point in time!
I was told once I had a black hole, what does that even mean? I always wondered this since that moment!
There have always been references to Time Travel, and that "going back is too dangerous" yes I heard or read that too, it has been so long from this phrase I can't remember if I "heard" it or if I "read" it!
Yes, I do know I sound crazy, and that I seem strange or odd or maybe even creepy! It would be insane to assume I didn't know that!

I plan to come back in a day or so to connect and speak of what comes to me, but I fear it won't make any sense(as it never seems to until later on), because I feel each statement doesn't connect to each other most times.

So until then, I will hope you will wait patiently for my next post!
Farewell readers!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stay strong!

Into the void my mind seems scattered,
Hold myself when I feel emotionally battered,
Stronger then I ever thought I could be,
No matter where life's seems to land me,
I hold my own,
I stand firm,
Can't let them knock us down,
That's what I've learned,
About others, but mostly about myself,
Because a lot of us are very similar,
We all feel doubt,
We all get broken, and most of us climb back up,
Even at those vulnerable moments when someone screams to shut up,
This love I bury deep inside,
I'd love to let it fully flow,
Maybe to help someone learn to love themselves,
Or maybe to help me to wipe myself clean from all the untrust clouded with doubt.

I had been holding things back for so long, and I feel these words can describe such feelings trapped within. I hope it helps others in some way, as I know others too can probably relate!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The World

The world needs peace!
Don't you hear their prayers?
I'm not got jesus nor a saint, But somehow I think I know what they are praying for!
They pray for peace, they pray in pleading voices...
"Please help us!"
They cry...
"Is all hope lost? Where are you when we need you?"
They are screaming, while other are crying that people are making so many mistakes.
Some are actually praying to god and asking for forgiveness because of their own mistakes! How's that sound? "I made a horrible mistake"
Does anyone else hear them? If I had the ability to answer those prayers to which whoever is not answering I would. But I am but just a tiny human with no such skills. It's not my job, but you know as well as I see if you're reading this, that you need to do your job! Because I know you hear them. I know it isn't an easy job, and I wouldn't want such a big responsibility, and I'd hold you while you feel overwhelmed with such a burden, and be there for you if you needed. I'd do my best to give console and advice, even though I am sure it wouldn't be good enough, or even a listening ear. It's painful to know how much suffering is happening right now.

Love always, and sending out blessings and healing thoughts and praying for peace for our little world(in a huge universe) fully of tiny humans suffering from so much right now!
I don't know what else to write.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Find what you seek!

When darkness falls you'll open your eyes,
You'll see things you didn't before realize,
The sky will be a beautiful navy blue,
You are old enough to know better...they always told you,
The changes in your life that you seek,
It's just around the corner; just take a peek,

What is it you long for?
What is it you desire?
Is it just a lust?
Or is it true loves hearts fire?

Just open your eyes,
Just search your inner core way deep inside,
Give yourself time and silence alone,
And just when you're least expecting,
It shall be known!
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Friday, March 6, 2015

A symbolic dream

I had a dream the other night...

I was a man, walking down a deserted old country road. It was winter time and the road didn't have any homes, nor lights. I do remember that it was a full moon, because I noticed how the moon lit up the road, and that the ice glistened on parts of the road, that had once melted in the sunlight on a warm winters day. The shadows cast from the moon; glowed blue, on parts of the snow, as the light from the moon hit it just right. It was beautiful really....

I walked, and walk, for what seemed for hours. Hours and hours, although it was just a dream it seemed so long, within my subconscious mind. I heard small sounds of crackling from the old trees gently moving in the cold. It's funny, the smallest of things can be noticed. 

Suddenly I heard a vehicle off in the distance, ahead of me up the road. I began to see headlights. I couldn't make out quite what it was. "What is that?" I asked under my breath but, loud enough I could hear myself. 

As it approached; I squinted a little, to see what it was. Just than I remembered I was wearing all black and had a shiny light reflector attached to an old key chain. I quickly pulled it out and pointed it towards the light source and waved it around a few times. I was hoping they would notice and not drive too fast and run me over. I was started to make out the frame of a car, it slowed down. 

As the car came closer and slower I was starting to notice something familiar and that I knew the driver. I looked in the drivers side window and was about to talk and they were about to say something too....

But than I awoke! So I wake up, confused, stunned, and wondering what could have woke me up so suddenly. No alarm was on at the time. I wasn't too hot, nor too cold. I just woke up.

My take on this dream? 

Maybe I feel like I am wandering aimlessly, maybe I'm feeling a little lost in life and not sure where to start or go right now. Maybe the person I felt familiar with as a driver, is someone I feel I need to ask for help? 

When I try to understand a dream, weather it is mine or someone else's I also try to get every detail that stands out most. Everything that is noticed, if there is a question asked in the dream or even about the dream I try my best to dig as deep as I can into the dream to try to bring it out in the open for the conscious mind to understand and relate to.

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