Saturday, May 5, 2012

A new poem for today...Let's call it strange and maybe enlightening!

"Defeated fears and questions of love" By Unknown Sender

Swirling vortex of thee obis,
Trying to make up for time I've missed,
Nothing beats a wonderful first kiss,
Only a few years ago...Yes it only what I miss,

My heart compelled to linger on,
Oh how it use to swell knowing when people were gone,

My senses heightened to ever lengths,
Across court yards the smell of  dirt and flowers with such strength,

Wandering down each path alone,
Learning with each season as each plant has grown,
I smell everything now,
Even the smell of the sea,
Waves crashing against the shore, I smell it from miles away...can't you see?

The swirls are so strong right below,
I have to look away,
For they make me sway,
So high up I feel just now,
With all those whirling pools,

I smell their swells,
I feel the rush of their strength,
Even though I am so high above,
It's sounds deafening,
So deafening, even the traffic can't drowned it out!

I suddenly realize I'm walking too fast,
This was the first time I walked the bridge "I just passed"...
Yet on my way back, I still walked it to fast!
But the second time, my mind wandered...
I wasted much time, just in the ponder..pondering what? Too many things

But I defeated a fear...Of height and of bridges over troubled waters!
Their swirls and whirls use to scare me so...
But now that I am older,
Those fears are so easily let go!

I still dream and remember each of those kisses,
I keep lots to myself..Even thoughts of my wishes,
But you know what?
I still miss those kisses,
Because each one was like the first...
Now that is a first!

A first for REAL love,
But now it lingered on it's way,
I never feel important enough to them,
I must say,

At first it was wonderful,
At first it was unlike anything in this world,
Thought it was my soul-mate,
But I guess I must be wrong,
Because they are never with me,
Even though these feelings and beliefs still beat strong.

So what is a soul-mate you ask?
Someone you're so connected to...
Never mind. That's to painful and too much to ask!

Just enjoy the natural things that are in this world,
The perfectly UN-perfect world, that we all sit upon.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just an update! I just wanted to say where I have been!

Life has been throwing through many loops and hoops, and I have been trying to grab that safety handle in order to stop myself from being thrown far out into the universe! So please if you have been here looking for any updates to my odd blog, I do apologize for my absence. I wish for everyone to be well, and also hope you are not having to go through such trials in life as I have been as of late!

In perhaps chance a few days things are looking better and not so out of sorts, I hope to be posting some new and excitingly odd blogs again! If not I will post another update on my absence!


Monday, April 30, 2012

Just something on the moments chimes...

Here is something very strange and odd I felt like typing up just out of the blue! Feeling quite rhyme-like and poetic and a bit Gothic as well. Hope you like it :-) I felt I had to post something :-)

"The witch, crows and the world who knows" By Unknown Sender April/30/2012

In walks the world with her new found place,
A simple little world with a queen like face,
All wrapped up for the cold and a sense of grace,
Pushing back old memories that give that sour taste,

Rivers flow like magic,
Winds blow like racket,
Sands uplifted from the static,
Sun shines through all the masses,

Scattered are the crows,
Almost summer yet still snows,
Up and down she goes,
Every winds a blows,

Fixed eyes towards the skies,
Every memory survives,
Learning as it flies,
The broom that she rides,

Crows that holler,
Unknown Callers,

Send negatives to the universe,
Thrown demons back deep into the Earth,
Queen she is their master,
Boss of ever after,

She screams, but from on within,
She Yells to them so whispery,
Her silence is so loud they can not help but hear,
Can not drown it out,
The sound that screams within,
"Do as you're told" She says...
"Or I'll send you back to them"...

The screams of hell are deafening,
You can't deny the truth,
Trust me you'd not like it there,
Twas visited in the youth,

Better choose the good side,
Cause Hell is not a good ride,
Hell is worse than life at it's worse,
I sure hope you heed these words!


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