Monday, April 30, 2012

Just something on the moments chimes...

Here is something very strange and odd I felt like typing up just out of the blue! Feeling quite rhyme-like and poetic and a bit Gothic as well. Hope you like it :-) I felt I had to post something :-)

"The witch, crows and the world who knows" By Unknown Sender April/30/2012

In walks the world with her new found place,
A simple little world with a queen like face,
All wrapped up for the cold and a sense of grace,
Pushing back old memories that give that sour taste,

Rivers flow like magic,
Winds blow like racket,
Sands uplifted from the static,
Sun shines through all the masses,

Scattered are the crows,
Almost summer yet still snows,
Up and down she goes,
Every winds a blows,

Fixed eyes towards the skies,
Every memory survives,
Learning as it flies,
The broom that she rides,

Crows that holler,
Unknown Callers,

Send negatives to the universe,
Thrown demons back deep into the Earth,
Queen she is their master,
Boss of ever after,

She screams, but from on within,
She Yells to them so whispery,
Her silence is so loud they can not help but hear,
Can not drown it out,
The sound that screams within,
"Do as you're told" She says...
"Or I'll send you back to them"...

The screams of hell are deafening,
You can't deny the truth,
Trust me you'd not like it there,
Twas visited in the youth,

Better choose the good side,
Cause Hell is not a good ride,
Hell is worse than life at it's worse,
I sure hope you heed these words!

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