Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some old writings...Two poems from 2009

Here is something I wrote a long time ago...

The best gift... March 12 2009

The best gift you ever gave me...

"You couldn't have came at the better time,
I thought my life was over and felt very bad,
At first I was confused and unfocused,
Had been crying so long,
I thought I'd never see you again,
But I opened my door,
And you showed love once more...

I wanted to love you so much more,
I wanted to dance in the moonlight,
Scream out your name,
Hope you felt the same,
When silence was broken,
And so many words unspoken ...outloud,
You'll always have me,
I'm only yours and I'll always have these....
Times are precious with you,
I know my love is true,
But only for you!

I hope you'll have me again,
I hope you'll stay mine til the end,
My love is so strong this very moment,
I hope our love will move on, so strong
Until I die!

To my love

Another written right afterwards

"More little things"  March 12 2009

Just something in my head!

It's the little things you do,
That keeps me moving on,
The little things to you,  are big things to me,
You show me many things,
That I can't ignore,
You show me everything,
Even if it hurts me more,
But I can see the truth,
Yes I can see through you,
All I see is you,
In everything and everyone,
Yes everything reminds me of you!

Just when I think it's done,
You show me love in small things one by one,
You opened my eyes to the world,
I do things I never thought I could,
I showed you I am good!

I see myself everyday,
Even if I am afraid,
Sleep deprived by myself,
I did create!

But here I am waiting still,
Patiently ....

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