Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The World

The world needs peace!
Don't you hear their prayers?
I'm not got jesus nor a saint, But somehow I think I know what they are praying for!
They pray for peace, they pray in pleading voices...
"Please help us!"
They cry...
"Is all hope lost? Where are you when we need you?"
They are screaming, while other are crying that people are making so many mistakes.
Some are actually praying to god and asking for forgiveness because of their own mistakes! How's that sound? "I made a horrible mistake"
Does anyone else hear them? If I had the ability to answer those prayers to which whoever is not answering I would. But I am but just a tiny human with no such skills. It's not my job, but you know as well as I see if you're reading this, that you need to do your job! Because I know you hear them. I know it isn't an easy job, and I wouldn't want such a big responsibility, and I'd hold you while you feel overwhelmed with such a burden, and be there for you if you needed. I'd do my best to give console and advice, even though I am sure it wouldn't be good enough, or even a listening ear. It's painful to know how much suffering is happening right now.

Love always, and sending out blessings and healing thoughts and praying for peace for our little world(in a huge universe) fully of tiny humans suffering from so much right now!
I don't know what else to write.
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