Friday, December 26, 2014

What the fox says?

I had a dream the other night about a beautiful fox, it was tamed, it was mine! So I thought I'd share some quoted images for you all, who might be interested in maybe knowing a little bit!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

A short story about self isolation and how a simple act can make someone feel better!

"Skipping isolation for a day!" Written by Unknown Sender Dec/5/2014

I stood at the waters edge, just gazing at all the nature around me. When I left my home I didn't know where I was going, I only know I had to get outside for some fresh air. I had been stuck inside all week long and I was feeling a little perplexed and starting to go stir crazed.

So I left, because I felt had had to, because something inside me was starting to scream. I wanted out, I wanted out and felt it coming from my core, my soul. I just needed out! So I walked, not knowing where my feet were going to bring me. I just walked non-stop until I reach a wooded path.

It led me to a creek, and then to an opening exiting the woods. I followed the path until I reached a entrance to this beautiful lake. I had a funny feeling I had been there before, but couldn't recall when! Familiarity! But where was I? So I stood there looking out at the water, as calm as a glass lain field.

Suddenly I bent down and looked at all the stones, big boulders and medium sized rocks built a wall on either side of me. It was kind of like natures barriers; blocking the view of my being there, from others.

I picked up a good slim rock and stood erect again, squinted my eyes at the waters still surface and tossed with all my might on a side angle and let go. It skipped probably 10 times! Excitement filled me! Funny how something so simple can bring butterflies and happiness within one's being!

I stayed there and skipped rocks, for what seemed like all day. It was a refreshing feeling and brought back life to me, a feeling I had slowly forgotten over the years. When it started to get dark I decided to walk back home; grateful, with a better sense of well being!

When I got back home, I had remembered what was so familiar about that place! It was a place I had gone to as a child, with my parents. We use to go there for picnics and also where I had loved to skip rocks. Still to this day, I don't know why or how I could have forgotten such a wonderful place.

A Sheltering Place : Creating a Sanctuary for Healing

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Sometimes I get so busy I forget things at home,
Like my watch, my cell and sometimes even to brush my teeth,

Sometimes if I don't get enough sleep I forget what happened just days before,
Like what did I eat? Or if I had anything but coffee

Sometimes I forget to say thank you,
After someone has let me cut in front of them in line,

"Sometimes I forget about my blog,
And so I rush online," ;-)

Sometimes I forget my emails,
And log on only to find, over 100, that happens all the time!,

I used to forget appointments, But I started marking them all in my calender while still on the phone, or if it's on a paper from the mail,

Sometimes I forget to wash my feet,
Because I am in a hurry in the shower,

I wonder if anyone else has all these problems with forgetting, because I am tired often, of my forgetfulness!!!

Actions Against Distractions: Managing Your Scattered, Disorganized, and Forgetful Mind

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

About my symbols

After all these years, I finally get a symbol I recognize. It was a REIKI Symbol, it is the Cho Ku Rei.

To learn more click link or image below!

Though I did not remember what it was called nor it's symbolism or meaning when drawn or spoken. So I did a google search and search "healing symbols".....

Low and behold most of the symbols or even parts of them, only some upside down, reversed as well as backwards. So I guess all this time, I have finally opened up a piece of my confusion. A clue and or puzzle has been revealed. I'm confused as to why I'd get them. I'm confused why it took me so long to figure what they actually were for/from. Can you imagine my confusion? I not saying all of my symbols, but least half or even maybe most of them.

At least now, I have something to work with for my own personal development with these symbols, but I feel maybe I'm just back to square one now and have to start over, and learn these symbols. I've never been attuned by any physical REIKI Master(that I am aware of at least)! So now maybe that alone, could show more of why I am having some confusion?

I guess now I could ask if their are any out there reading this, that might be attuned and knows more on the symbols, could you check my "symbols" blog pages, and maybe point out some? You can only do so much with google and what I know already, probably isn't enough; though, I'll try my best. I know one of the biggest so far over the years, which stands out most is FOCUS! So for now I'll do my research some more, and focus.

What's your views and or beliefs?

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Those thought impressions...I guess

Some findings, you know those voices, they can have some sort of affect on things. And as I say this, I don't know the origin! I searched a small bit with google, "say yee oh blasphemy-full ones" and came to find the link below. And the rest (of the quote after "say yee oh blasphemy-full ones,") followed after viewing the link myself.

"say yee oh blasphemy-full ones, lay thine eyes on my words this day, and see your treacherous thoughts revealed to you." Unknown

These are not my words quoted above, they are from an "unknown source", no pun intended!!!

Happy resurrection day(Easter), I guess. And well I guess google doesn't celebrate it, I've noticed; as it is not, in the google cover as most holidays are. No judgment, just something I noticed.

That is all.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

He's still trying to crack the code...

My eyes are open, and I'm feeling wide awake,
I can see now more, and please make no mistakes,
I know you still can't crack the code,
That is what I saw you say,
I know you have the file,
But I don't have it, so I just wont break,

Do you still think that you know me?
Do you think I'm still not that smart?
I may not hold much book knowledge,
But I do have other means,
Maybe a mental condition, that makes me see unseen,
Maybe just a fluke I hear from other people's dreams,

I'm not a witch I tell you,
It's so much more than that,
I hear many things,
But I wont elaborate to much on that,
I give messages to others,
I share my words,
But don't accuse me of scamming any,
As I ask nothing in return...

I don't use any candles,
My rocks just help me sleep,
They keep my dreams clearer,
They help keep them from dreaming things, that no one wants to hear...
My rocks are not drugs,
They are rather trinkets of sorts,
They can't be burned nor smoked, you can't put them in your nose to snort,
They are just pretty stones, of many colors you see,
They are only simple gems,
What kind of rocks are yours?

I have some happy moments, they come and they go,
I cherish those times, I carry them deep within my heart,
I write this live, I'm typing it right now.
My words wont always work for you,
Because you, like myself, have too much doubt.
My doubt though it can be heavy,
It's not so much as it was,
Because I see more happening,
It starting to clear some of that doubt.

You think I'll tell you the code?
Sorry I am not that naive,
I don't have the file,
You do, so why even bother trying to deceive?
Treat me like a joke,
I prove you to be a fool.

Hope you enjoy my words, scattered here and there, please have a read of my other blogs. I don't come around too often, but when I do I try to make it worth the read!

Farewell Loves
Unknown Sender

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thoughts and things that flow in and out of my mind.

I'm just throwing some words together, they might not make sense, and maybe they will.

If you don't love me, you don't love music,
If you hate me, you hate a lot of things,
Sometimes I look at you and wonder who I'm seeing,
Sometimes you don't look like you,
But sometimes I don't look like me,
Sometimes I wonder if your eyes are open,
Do you see me? The real me, I foolishly show...
Am I blind, as they say love can be?,
Who am I? Who are you? Who is anyone for that matter?,

I've heard many times, that everyone is as one, a part of themselves..
Do I believe this? I doubt. But I also believe, if that is comprehensible,
I'm only human, but I'm not normal,
I'm odd, strange, weird, random and unexplainable at times too.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A busy mind, can be a busy person.

Have you noticed, that when we're busy mentally,and or emotionally, we feel exhausted physically?
Yeah! You know what I'm saying.

Meh, sometimes you have to say good bye to people you love, because deep inside it feels all they want to do is hurt you, and make you unhappy, so to try and give happiness to themselves. And sometimes you leave other people you love, because they threaten your very existence, by secretly trying to kill you and you are so angry and saddened by it, you never want to ever go back to them.

Oh well.

Here's just a few words of the mind breaking wind...

In the woods lurks a stranger,
He laughs, because he causes danger,
He snickers, he grins, and than his maddening laughter begins,
Yet he thinks I can not hear him, he thinks I do not know,
Because I'm a little sneaky too,
My past taught me so,

I hope he reads this and gets scared, cause than I'll have some surge of power and I might actually win,
Maybe I'll ask for rain to dampen his socks,
But since I don't want bad karma, I'll just stare at this clock,
It's the loudest thing when you turn everything off,
Sometimes if you demand silence it'll surely pi$$ you off,
It can seem to beat in your head like a drum,
Tick tick ticking, until you start to feel numb,

But back to the stranger who lurks just beyond the tree line,
He waits for his victims, because that seems to be his pass-time,
I can't tell you what he looks like,
I can't see him at all,
I'm just told he dangerous, and where he hides...that's all,
He hates young women, but I don't know why,
Maybe something happened to him when he was young and it made him cry,
Crying can be dangerous and threatening to a man,
But I'm a woman(yes I am, you have a problem with it, than deal with it) who hates crying too, So that little bit I can understand,
I wouldn't revert to violence though, that's just not my MO,

I try my best to just understand people, and try to step mentally in their shoes,
I don't like contradictions though, and I do not like being used,
Don't take me for granted, Or I'll have to change the locks.

Please be careful of the stranger though,
And I do hope you understand,
He worse than you can imagine,
He does nothing but always stand.

Hey, but what do I know? I'll keep an eye on the news, but I wont say nothing about it(That's not my job), lets hope I'm wrong, and we all don't have to read about it..elsewhere....

I think this is the only info I can spare as of right now,
Perhaps another day I'll come back, and tell some more stories some how.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An interesting video I found while looking for more information in the subject!

I feel I may have things around my blog, you'll find with similarities, even though I "feel" others are saying my posts are all lies, I just found this video tonight, and cannot finish watching it, which gives me more a reason as to posting it here as well! No need to be rude with your bad vibes and drama or jealousy. There is no need for jealousy here at all. Peace and well being, please just be happy and healthy.

Hope you enjoy! Please comment so I know your thoughts, was it too boring to finish? Different to comprehend? Make no sense at all? Remember to keep in mind I cannot(haven't) finish watching this right now so your comments aren't based on what I believe within this video as I have no opinion as I have not heard it all.

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