Friday, December 5, 2014

A short story about self isolation and how a simple act can make someone feel better!

"Skipping isolation for a day!" Written by Unknown Sender Dec/5/2014

I stood at the waters edge, just gazing at all the nature around me. When I left my home I didn't know where I was going, I only know I had to get outside for some fresh air. I had been stuck inside all week long and I was feeling a little perplexed and starting to go stir crazed.

So I left, because I felt had had to, because something inside me was starting to scream. I wanted out, I wanted out and felt it coming from my core, my soul. I just needed out! So I walked, not knowing where my feet were going to bring me. I just walked non-stop until I reach a wooded path.

It led me to a creek, and then to an opening exiting the woods. I followed the path until I reached a entrance to this beautiful lake. I had a funny feeling I had been there before, but couldn't recall when! Familiarity! But where was I? So I stood there looking out at the water, as calm as a glass lain field.

Suddenly I bent down and looked at all the stones, big boulders and medium sized rocks built a wall on either side of me. It was kind of like natures barriers; blocking the view of my being there, from others.

I picked up a good slim rock and stood erect again, squinted my eyes at the waters still surface and tossed with all my might on a side angle and let go. It skipped probably 10 times! Excitement filled me! Funny how something so simple can bring butterflies and happiness within one's being!

I stayed there and skipped rocks, for what seemed like all day. It was a refreshing feeling and brought back life to me, a feeling I had slowly forgotten over the years. When it started to get dark I decided to walk back home; grateful, with a better sense of well being!

When I got back home, I had remembered what was so familiar about that place! It was a place I had gone to as a child, with my parents. We use to go there for picnics and also where I had loved to skip rocks. Still to this day, I don't know why or how I could have forgotten such a wonderful place.

A Sheltering Place : Creating a Sanctuary for Healing

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