Saturday, March 15, 2014

A busy mind, can be a busy person.

Have you noticed, that when we're busy mentally,and or emotionally, we feel exhausted physically?
Yeah! You know what I'm saying.

Meh, sometimes you have to say good bye to people you love, because deep inside it feels all they want to do is hurt you, and make you unhappy, so to try and give happiness to themselves. And sometimes you leave other people you love, because they threaten your very existence, by secretly trying to kill you and you are so angry and saddened by it, you never want to ever go back to them.

Oh well.

Here's just a few words of the mind breaking wind...

In the woods lurks a stranger,
He laughs, because he causes danger,
He snickers, he grins, and than his maddening laughter begins,
Yet he thinks I can not hear him, he thinks I do not know,
Because I'm a little sneaky too,
My past taught me so,

I hope he reads this and gets scared, cause than I'll have some surge of power and I might actually win,
Maybe I'll ask for rain to dampen his socks,
But since I don't want bad karma, I'll just stare at this clock,
It's the loudest thing when you turn everything off,
Sometimes if you demand silence it'll surely pi$$ you off,
It can seem to beat in your head like a drum,
Tick tick ticking, until you start to feel numb,

But back to the stranger who lurks just beyond the tree line,
He waits for his victims, because that seems to be his pass-time,
I can't tell you what he looks like,
I can't see him at all,
I'm just told he dangerous, and where he hides...that's all,
He hates young women, but I don't know why,
Maybe something happened to him when he was young and it made him cry,
Crying can be dangerous and threatening to a man,
But I'm a woman(yes I am, you have a problem with it, than deal with it) who hates crying too, So that little bit I can understand,
I wouldn't revert to violence though, that's just not my MO,

I try my best to just understand people, and try to step mentally in their shoes,
I don't like contradictions though, and I do not like being used,
Don't take me for granted, Or I'll have to change the locks.

Please be careful of the stranger though,
And I do hope you understand,
He worse than you can imagine,
He does nothing but always stand.

Hey, but what do I know? I'll keep an eye on the news, but I wont say nothing about it(That's not my job), lets hope I'm wrong, and we all don't have to read about it..elsewhere....

I think this is the only info I can spare as of right now,
Perhaps another day I'll come back, and tell some more stories some how.

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