Tuesday, April 29, 2014

About my symbols

After all these years, I finally get a symbol I recognize. It was a REIKI Symbol, it is the Cho Ku Rei.

To learn more click link or image below!

Though I did not remember what it was called nor it's symbolism or meaning when drawn or spoken. So I did a google search and search "healing symbols".....

Low and behold most of the symbols or even parts of them, only some upside down, reversed as well as backwards. So I guess all this time, I have finally opened up a piece of my confusion. A clue and or puzzle has been revealed. I'm confused as to why I'd get them. I'm confused why it took me so long to figure what they actually were for/from. Can you imagine my confusion? I not saying all of my symbols, but ...at least half or even maybe most of them.

At least now, I have something to work with for my own personal development with these symbols, but I feel maybe I'm just back to square one now and have to start over, and learn these symbols. I've never been attuned by any physical REIKI Master(that I am aware of at least)! So now maybe that alone, could show more of why I am having some confusion?

I guess now I could ask if their are any out there reading this, that might be attuned and knows more on the symbols, could you check my "symbols" blog pages, and maybe point out some? You can only do so much with google and what I know already, probably isn't enough; though, I'll try my best. I know one of the biggest so far over the years, which stands out most is FOCUS! So for now I'll do my research some more, and focus.

What's your views and or beliefs?

Please check my other blog posts for my symbolic related views, and other random posts!

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