Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sorry for my absence! Images, Symbols and meanings! A short introduction!

Sorry for my absence everyone. I have really been wondering how to go about posting my symbols.

Do I post them as just pictures so you can see what I have?
Do I post the pictures as well as "my" meanings for them?

You know because I really feel most of these meanings were only meant for me. (Notice I didn't say all of them?) I know I haven't really been posting much useful blogs lately, but I really do wonder on how to go about things and posting my personal symbols online.

In this first image I'd like to point out I am still a bit confused on what it is suppose to mean. As I may have stated in previous posts, I get my symbols mostly as mind impressions. I think it might be religion  based, as to maybe.

This second image has many meanings, some involve time relation and others have a personal meaning! 
1. Obviously means a signs! 
2. means different angles and something I still haven't quite got yet, I believe higher resonance? Like I said I am still learning. These digital symbols had been put away and as of right now, they are easier for me to post. 
3. Means half of a life. This is just personal, and means something to me. 
4. Is the time thing I was talking about, time turns and there are many tools involved to find a way. 
5. Is still a bit confusing, I know mountains, but I think is also (with the line going in through center) may mean split in have or in between. Still a bit confused on this one too. I worked more with the symbols I wrote/drew on paper because I always had it on hand. 
6. Is either math related or symbolic for a rune from history. I was also studying runes and other religious symbolism because I was confused on all the symbols I was given as mind impressions. 
7. I think it just means windows, like windows of opportunity, or windows in a home, really you'd have to see it as a personal symbol to know it's meaning for you.

This third image has so many symbols in it that I would have to make it a long post! I just want to post it for you all to see. I plan to explain this last image in more detail later and in a few separate posts.
As you can also see each image was done in 2009, but I placed the copyright park on it today. That's why it says 2012, this is a newer blog for me so I am placing the copyright mark for now. There are many symbols and they all have their own meaning, within each individual one. I plan to explain each symbol later, maybe a post for about 4 or 5 in each(symbol) blog posting for easier understanding and not a huge one blog posting as to overwhelm the mind, that might be reading/viewing it!

Thanks for your patience in waiting for me to post about my symbols, I do plan to add more later one, but this is like a blog post to show I am not full of it! My symbols discussed before are real and here is proof.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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