Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I know you're watching!!

Here's a few things I've also learned a long the way in my life span through out my life with personal experience of course!

"What I've learned long ago, about the dark.
It's like being blind!
You don't, look.
You listen!"

"Generally, if you stop for a moment.
Pay attention to your surroundings,
And be sure, that there is nothing out of place,
If something is out of place,
You're either being watched,
Or, you just better walk fast out of there,
Without thinking about if you are or not!"

"Somethings, just aren't as they seem!"

"You better fear god, because hell, is over rated in this world!"

"Once someone breaks trust, it's almost impossible to gain it back again!"

"Even your own blood, will turn their backs on you."

"I'm not the only one being watched!!!"

Be well

I'm on a clock that ticks constantly now, and I wait for when it stops!


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