Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sounds and things

Blizzards are loud,
Once the winds pick up,
Rains can drowned,
When it doesn't let up,
Loud are the crowds,
When they don't get what they want,
At peace is a human,
When they are where most happy,
Why judge their fate,
Just because you think they're too late,
You can be silent with the eyes,
But you scream very loud from inside,
Steady is a motion,
Of a soul-mate's lustful desire for the other,
If you fall behind,
Open your eyes and pay mind,
For if you're not paying attention,
The mind might end up quiet and blind,
See things for what they are,
You're not the only one with scars,
You're not the only one who's lost,
Broken hearts are created out of loss,
My mind as well as my heart is screaming Mercy,
For You forget the times we've spent in private,
The words you spoke,
I no longer rely on simple texts,
No simple texts with words,
No they don't do anything but hurt,
I'd rather a call,
A meeting elsewhere,
Because trust has been broken,
And I don't want a single touch,
Not a single embrace to ruin,
A true verbal connection,
THE TRUTH is what I want,
Texts are just words on screen,
And I want that no more.
These are the sounds and things that keep me from fully feeling at peace.

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