Saturday, February 14, 2015

And it was...And it is...Are my eyes decieving me?

I'm not for sure of how I want to start this off.

Home schoolers I learnt that...a majority of them are Christians. Don't get me wrong here, in what I have to say, I'm not hating on God! Be that known right from the start!

Anyway now, the children folk I speak of now and am in favor to stand up for. Yes god is good and god is great! BUT why do that to the children? Why home school them and say it is gods way! Have you had a conversation and he had replied back? Did god tell you he said you must teach his children all those things that people(not god) write in books is to be truth? Put me down! I don't care, blasphemy-ze me! YOU ARE NOT GOD!

I'm heated, I am sorry!
But seeing people; home school children, and say "god says" "God demands" this, that, and everything god! "There isn't enough god, blah blah and more blah god!"

I am sorry, truthfully I am, but it sounds like these children are being force fed things of the lord that no one even knows about and that they start off so young, they don't know or choose anything, they are brain washed, so instead of being able to think for themselves; they are fed, and given and told everything.

It isn't unlearning anything, if you are teaching them all the stuff from the very beginning of their lives, where did they learn anything to even be unlearned in the first place? Understand my point here or have an argument?

Please Don't take advantage of their little trusting souls! You want them to be loyal Christians? Send them to church and Sunday school! That is what that is for! That is where they can learn of proper Christian things. I worry about how they will feel in the real world after parents only teach of such things. Do they want God fearing hermits/Hermtes's(whatever the female term is)?

Think, before thy speak. Learn, before thy act. How will they learn of other people's reaction? Does all these things that keep them naive to the world, teach them anything of the people's of the world? Tragic! I hope I explain my thoughts well enough!

May peace, love, blessings and GODS LOVE...OPEN YOUR EYES!!

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I love you all and thank you for reading


  1. I don't like to judge and don't like being judged either. All I know is that I don't let anyone's judgement bother me. I am old so I can deal with judge mental people. It is hard for young people specially children.

    1. I'm not sure if you're agreeing with me or not, but I am in agreement with your comment! Thanks for leaving a comment, much grateful of it, I don't get enough!



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