Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Half and half

January 10 2010 9:20 PM
There is a realm, a realm that only reveals itself when are half awake. I call it the realm of half and half. I call it this because, when we are slowly drifting to sleep; something happens. I am not, full sure of what happens; as of just yet! But it is very different, let me explain.
While I lay in bed, sometimes I just think and think. But than my mind wonders, somewhat on it's own will. At times I hear conversations and other times; just see things. But as of late, I have been hear only one. I worry. The connection feels deeper than any other at this time. I feel universal energies mingling and intertwining with my minds eye. We could say it is similar to what one would think is the all seeing eye. I feel they have some connection to me. They tell me of things one should not know. I do appreciate it, they make me feel special; in ways no one (or at least I think) else could possibly feel. I do not know them by name, but I do love how they make me feel.
They help me feel strong when life feels so small. They make me feel hard as steal and very very tall. But they know all my faults and my sins of my youth. Now they cursed me so I can tell nothing mostly but the truth. But lately I force myself to pretend and to lie, they say it is to save my life. I love them for trying to help me save myself. I only wish I could save others.
I worry about everything. My time expires soon.
Secrets in time, they help me now. On their own, that icons that were suppose to be myths. I see faces in everything and their messages run deep, as I walk out doors and as I fall fast to sleep.

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