Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reality vs Illusions and or Hallucinations

July 24 2010 2:36 AM
Reality - Things are VERY real, the facts are there the proof is there etc. It don't go away.

Hallucinations and Illusions - Can be willed away.

These are definitions coming from personal experience. A few times as a child I had Hallucinations. I was just a very small child and it was VERY scary.
But I have always experienced reality. I know bad things happen for real, I have experienced loss and I do not think someone who dies is going to come back. PERIOD. 
When I did have hallucinations as a child I willed them away because before I "seen" them they were not there so in turn after they "appeared" I knew they were and could not possibly be real because I had just "seen" that they were not I willed them away by either saying out loud and or to myself, it isn't real, it isn't there. Or screaming, It isn't real! And low and behold it vanished like magic. Illusions! 
The mind (and a child's imagination) is a powerful thing, but you have to keep COMMON SENSE in mind and full attention to many thing so to not confuse the mind on what is real and what is not. So what we really see with our eyes is real. But do not get scared enough to confuse the mind for it can make you see the wrong things...
Now that I am me today, I believe perhaps they were reminders or memories or perhaps spirits trying to scare me..whatever the case might have been or might be now. It was when I was a small child...I was under the age of 7 when these happened...And that is my lesson for today!

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