Saturday, June 9, 2012

Symbols and personal meanings...part1

Hello everyone I am sorry to keep you waiting.

I have split the image of my symbols up in sections going down that image! And I am making a separate blog post for each select section of that image! Which means each day you'll see a section of said image with an explanation of that sections symbolic contents!
Here is the first section for you today!

1.) Is the #18, it also can symbolize two directions colliding (up and down). Lets say it's like gravity, when things fall it seems as if the down collides with what is down. If you know what I mean. This symbol could also mean month in alchemy.

2.) Is obviously a +(plus) sign,
as well as a cross and this symbol can mean many things, whether it is religious or not the cross has many languages around the world.

3.) The Y means Truth and also the 3rd letter in the Greek alphabet. But that is not this symbol, this symbol is said to be symbolic of the God Neptune, as well as the planet Neptune. Although the line through the top, is not often shown. Yen.

4.) Is the alchemical sign for Sulphur, and up arrow with a cross, it also means to rise up.

5.) This symbol might be a rune, and this rune means property, it's name is Odal or Othonria, O is it's letter association. In math this symbol is fixed, other meanings are, re-estate, unmovable, and personal property.

And that is it for these symbols, I am sure there are more meaning for them, but I feel that a simple list of names for them will help you out in finding more of your our searched information for each one!

I also wanted to note that even though this is a short posting, it did take me a couple hours to put it all together with my own notes that I had to find. (that's a good thing ;-) ...)

Thanks for taking the time to view these posts, take what you feel is nessasary for your learning process to advance. Please do not share exact information from these blog postings, but only use them as a means to further your research, and to help you narrow that search down with my help.
I didn't have help narrowing things down as I have shown here to you, I had to find it all on my own, each symbol took time to even find let alone name. So please ask, if you are to use my information word for word else where!
Thank you all, have a great week! Feel free to send me a comment and I will get back to you!
Unknowna Sendera
Part 2
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