Sunday, June 10, 2012

Symbols and personal meanings...part2

Hello again everyone!

Here is another section of the images posted HERE and HERE..And as you can see so far I have not mentions too much on full meanings of each meaning, as I know you could research those things on your own. Symbolic meanings change for everyone! With this in mind please refrain from judgement of my interpretations of these symbols, and if you should find them anywhere else I did not steal them!.

6.) This symbol
could be seen as an up arrow, it can also be seen as other symbols as well. For me however it is an air symbol pointing upwards! If you look at it in a nature based stand point, you might also see that it means something concerning harvests, or wood!

7.) A gift? Perhaps a diamond in the near future? What I see is a diamond ring, as a gift and within a box. But as I said, these are personal symbols for me :-)...Which means it could symbolize an electrical box or fuse for someone else.

8.) This looks like a water beetle, but it could symbolize insects in general. This is still a confusing symbol for me, I have researched it non-stop and keep getting different things each time I look into more research. Like someone who works with paranormal things might see it as some alian symbol. I see two things that have come together from the top and bottom with a sure connection inbetween.

9.) This is the alchemical symbol for month, BUT it has a tail, it could be decompose as well. On that note, what I feel and see, is a scale for measuring powered substances, and the tail just indicates it's in a table for balance. This could also indicate flight into space, or something related.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have read the previous postings as you can bring them all together in order to see more than just one!
Thanks for taking the time to view these posts, take what you feel is nessasary for your learning process to advance. Please do not share exact information from these blog postings, but only use them as a means to further your research, and to help you narrow that search down with my help.
I didn't have help narrowing things down as I have shown here to you, I had to find it all on my own, each symbol took time to even find let alone name. So please ask, if you are to use my information word for word else where!
Thank you all, have a great week!
Unknowna Sendera
Part 3
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