Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Symbols and personal meanings...part4

Hello again everyone, and here is the next part of my symbols!

So far we have covered the first have of the symbols from the 3rd imagine on THIS PAGE, and as stated before, I have split it up into sections so it is easier to explain it a bit more per posting, so as to night fill one big post with a whole lot of information. I feel the reading all in one post alone would be a bit overwhelming to look at and perhaps make others run away because it is so much.

14.) A box with an X
, this can be seen all over the world with many different meanings, it can be found within math, computer language and even hidden within art. It could mean something is wrong with where ever it is located, or it could simply mean cross roads. An X can mean gift, and the box could indicate a gift within a box. So as you can see many symbols, can have many meanings, we have to distinguish...WHICH meaning it is personally to us individually!

15.) I have found is the symbol for yen, I could not find any other meaning for it as of yet, as I am still constantly researching. Y is the Waw (letter)
from the Greek alphabet.

16.) To me it looks like a broken arrow, like the head is missing. with > and - put together as the picture shows means, "Not logic" I left it at that, as I could not find any other reasoning to go with this symbol.

17.) On the post after this one you will see this same symbol only the arms will be on the opposite sides. This two symbols connecting each other with movement, with action! So they need to be seen as one subject, but different directions. We could say that with time cause and effect occurs (action/reaction) as everyone has heard of this! I believe, you might understand why both can come together!

 Thanks for taking the time to view these posts, take what you feel is nessasary for your learning process to advance. Please do not share exact information from these blog postings, but only use them as a means to further your research, and to help you narrow that search down with my help.
I didn't have help narrowing things down as I have shown here to you, I had to find it all on my own, each symbol took time to even find let alone name. So please ask, if you are to use my information word for word else where!

Thank you all, have a great week!
Unknowna Sendera

I have decided not to add books at the ends of these post, if you like them added, please let me know and I would gladly do so.


  1. Your symbol study is most intriguing...there is a lot of da Vinci's Code here on your blog...:). Very fascinating subject :).

    1. Thanks for commenting, however none of my symbols are associated with any of The da Vinci's code. I've never read the book, and haven't seen the movie until after I had most of my research written down. Glad you like it.
      Have a marvelous weekend. :-)
      Really appreciate comments!



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