Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Symbols and personal meanings...part5

Hello again, and for those new here please refer to PART1 in order to follow with each part.

This is a short one but I feel it is full of information!

18.) As stated in our previous post
here this is a part of cause and effect! There is movement and the arms on this one are on the outside. We could relate both to time is a way, as the arms are in one direction and the next they are in another.

19.) Y in a circle, I get a lot of letters within a shape. These do mean something to me personally, but for you they would definitely mean something else. Some might see it is like a peace sign, but with the little piece missing from the why (like Algiz-for protection- rune within a circle). What I feel is a feminine sense to this symbol, due to it's visual appearance.

20.) This to me means flight, it reminds me of a plane. It's feels airy as well as in flight.Both the tip and the tail seem in balance together. It could mean a journey with great heights.

Part 6 (Final)

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I didn't have help narrowing things down as I have shown here to you, I had to find it all on my own, each symbol took time to even find let alone name. So please ask, if you are to use my information word for word else where!
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