Saturday, April 13, 2013

Without using a computer for quite some time...

So here I am.
You're all probably wondering where I have been.

The thing is time passes in life and life does often get busy. And passes it does, as time...It waits for no one!
My time frame is off, by quite a bit if you might notice from past postings of blogs and it is.
Issues arise, conflicts arrive as well. And I just haven't found too much time to get on a computer to post. I have also been contemplating getting back to my symbols studies (no not posting them, actually studying them) I feel that calling again, in a most urgency of ways as of late.
I am not sure if I shared the fact that I am a published author(besides blogging I might add), and I have had some crop ups of messages that people don't know this of myself and felt I may as well state so. For the record, and so people can get that out of their heads that I haven't. Not that, that is very important to me! Not greatly so anyway.
So on to my calling of studies that I myself and probably others reading this, know why it's even needed. Perhaps my symbols on paper (which I have not shared!) would maybe shed some light on the why's.
I needed to stop in and post something as I have noticed, January was my last post and it is now the month of April.
I hope you are all well and that maybe Parts of the world would stop getting so mad(I wish) and arguing about who has the biggest bombs!
Why can't things just be civil? Why can't things be resolved? Why are things always getting out of hand and leading out of context?
Why do things that can be settled so easily with communication end up leading to such distraction? I'm saddened by it all!!!
Wishing everyone happiness and peace, Blessings to all and I hope things get cleared up (though I have a bad feeling they wont before it's too late), so that people can see things for what they are and be clear headed for a change.
The mind is a noisy place as it is.

Please check my other blog posts for my symbolic related views, and other random posts!

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