Saturday, January 12, 2013

I say you

And I'll tell you this ONE LAST TIME!
"Many will use You, in order to get to Me!"
They will mock love, they will also hide truths within, that you cannot find.
They will act hurt when you choose to leave, when they just fear you will come to me.
Those who do not know of such feelings, do not fully show it, but yet pretend if necessary what they "believe" it should look like, OR do as they have seen "true feelings" shown to them from others. Easy masks they wear, when they observe others who are real. Learn this by watching their over all reactions, rather then just listening, one can listen and believe ones words, but if you do not observe their over all persona, you will not see what is truly there!

OBSERVE, but don't get caught. Because remember, a con observes everything, but so does a long time abused heart broken soul...For they have been fooled by cons most of their life, so they can now read them well. (Makes sense now, more? Hope so, because learning the hard way hurts immensely)

"Many will use You(play on your emotions and fears), to get to me(to hurt me in anyway)!
You don't believe me now, but in time, you shall see! Only in time that gets wasted with regrets, shall others see the truth within the lies!


Whether the loving messages are directed at me or not, I'll still send my love out.

"Get off your knees"

One last message, which I know is not to me...But from me.
"They think we are the same person, WE ARE NOT!"

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