Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stay strong!

Into the void my mind seems scattered,
Hold myself when I feel emotionally battered,
Stronger then I ever thought I could be,
No matter where life's seems to land me,
I hold my own,
I stand firm,
Can't let them knock us down,
That's what I've learned,
About others, but mostly about myself,
Because a lot of us are very similar,
We all feel doubt,
We all get broken, and most of us climb back up,
Even at those vulnerable moments when someone screams to shut up,
This love I bury deep inside,
I'd love to let it fully flow,
Maybe to help someone learn to love themselves,
Or maybe to help me to wipe myself clean from all the untrust clouded with doubt.

I had been holding things back for so long, and I feel these words can describe such feelings trapped within. I hope it helps others in some way, as I know others too can probably relate!
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