Tuesday, November 8, 2016

They are still contacting me!

They are still contacting me, but from where I do not know!
Words that always stand out,
Words that stand out as if I am only hearing or reading between the lines...
A long time ago, I learned..."Don't take it personally!"
Why do I say that?
It happened elsewhere and not to me!
A name was spoken, and then I saw it in the news, or someone said it to me!

Why do I confess this?
I am unknown, you don't know who I am, or know me personally, and those who do know me personally, do not know what I am confessing!

What have I heard lately?
Stuff about suicide, this one has been going on a very long time!
People have gone missing, the proof is on the news or on someone's new status on my facebook news feed.
People crying they are innocent , yet they are not believed and then thrown away! (I have posted that in a past post or posts)
I start to fall asleep and hear a girl screaming at a man! "You can't treat me this way" Yeah, that's what they say.
Even just last night as I drift off to sleep, and young mans voice says, "I am going to rape you" and then he snickers!
Last Night I heard a man threatening to rip a people apart...I "feel" like it was directed towards a female!
This morning as I awake I heard "it's just like you're commiting suicide", I have no idea of what this is referring to, so by now maybe you can understand my frustration at this point in time!
I was told once I had a black hole, what does that even mean? I always wondered this since that moment!
There have always been references to Time Travel, and that "going back is too dangerous" yes I heard or read that too, it has been so long from this phrase I can't remember if I "heard" it or if I "read" it!
Yes, I do know I sound crazy, and that I seem strange or odd or maybe even creepy! It would be insane to assume I didn't know that!

I plan to come back in a day or so to connect and speak of what comes to me, but I fear it won't make any sense(as it never seems to until later on), because I feel each statement doesn't connect to each other most times.

So until then, I will hope you will wait patiently for my next post!
Farewell readers!!!!!!!!!!

Please check my other blog posts for my symbolic related views, and other random posts!

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