Monday, September 3, 2012

Odd dreams, the voices of strangers (I think) and other odd things!

I've been having these strange dreams again! These types of dreams have always plagued my mind with confusion. The reason I say this is because, they leaving me wondering. Like why would I dream of helping people and saving peoples lives? Why do I dream of finding out people I know, but not personally know, are sick? I'm stuck always with questions like this.

Then there are the voices, they say the oddest things, it's always as if I am hearing one persons part of a conversation, yet I'm not there, nor the other person they are talking to! And I hate that it's always when I am trying to lay in bed and trying hard to fall a sleep! Can you imagine how hard it is to sleep when you hear a woman's voice say "I can't believe I did that!" and she had so much emotion within her words, AM I EMPATHIC? I ask because I feel their anguish and their pain within their words, it makes me sit up and say aloud "WTF?" well not wtf but you know what abbreviates!

And then there was that other time with an older lady or at least I wasn't really heard it was rather seen. And they said "I want to kill your daughter" and another time it said "I will kill your daughter" ...Sooooo You can imagine I didn't sleep at all for a few nights after those different instances!

So over all this time I have been having some odd words tossed in my brain and some odd dreams played out within my I dying? Why are all these odd things happening to me? Please tell me I'm not the only one! People wonder why I'm single and don't want anyone right now, can you imagine sharing this with someone you are dating? I can't. :(

I've been a bit down, so I got out a few times and met with friends and we watch some music shows and we went home and our separate ways and I've been out a few times by myself, but really, it has been crazy.

That's it for now I guess, I wanted to post sooner but it's been a bit you can tell. It's also been hard to get online.


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