Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here is a dream I had a few years ago, I still remember most of it like I had it yesterday!
I hope you enjoy, I kind of tried to write it with a poetic twist.

August 09 -2009 "Dreams..." - Unknown Sender

I've always liked them because they usually tell you things...everyone needs there glad to have finally gotten my dreams back.

I was out somewhere with my friend, we were not hand in hand, but really close friends who can tell each other anything. I was doing the leading on that evening, for it wasn't night and it wasn't day...because the sun still shined but it was hidden away...

We walked to a monument, and we looked all around, in an unfamiliar place and some religious markings were on the ground, it wasn't sand, it wasn't time of snow...

I felt I had known the markings I said "come on lets go" ...we looked further, we walked all the "his" brothers place..there were books...papers..shoved where no one could see...I am not allowed there, because it don't feel clean..

When I looked in the cracks, I turned around ...there she stood looking sad..waiting for someone to come back...who was she, all done up nice, with dark brown hair, I didn't feel ice...

I know she must have had money because she wore really nice clothes, why she looked sad I'll never know...

But before I had got to that somewhat closed in spot..I looked on the ground..with some graceful thoughts, and what did I do?

"I didn't tell my best 'friend' the place reminded me of the one I still loved...because truthfully I never trusted that part of myself!" (But the place did make me happy for just that thought alone, because I knew how hard it was when you couldn't have a home)

"I rolled all over the religious markings that were carved there on the ground, wasn't sand it was stone. just tiny little blocks (lets say squares) were all on the ground, I didn't read them though, for a dream can show you every little thing, it only gives hidden you can wake up and remember certain things."

"I hope that the markings did feel my love that was given, just a feeling can save your life, if you want to be forgiven"

I really can't remember where I was, but it kind of felt like home, maybe another dimension is was hidden right in the middle of the city...only that area is similar to my home. Just that one little space, I don't always seek the truth, sometimes it finds me. Because I do well with keeping myself hidden and clean, I'll never enter there, but will only in dreams..I'll seek my own special way. If you go looking, be sure to bring a friend, that loves you, for safety..before you venture in!

That was quite a dream!

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