Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life? Symbolism? Or Poetry? What to post?

I took a day off, I had personal priorities in life! Hope you all understand...

I've been wondering if I want to post a blog about more symbolism explanations or if I wanted to post a poem. I usually go through some things and than relate what my topic will be about and than go with it on a somewhat personal level.

I was walking to a place the other day where I have to be pretty much all week...Well there was some chalk writings on the ground, and as I said before, symbols mean different things to everyone and symbols can also have many different meanings...EVEN if they are the same exact symbol. The chalk writings spoke to me! You might think it strange, and maybe you think I am crazy, but they have a profound way of speaking to me, where as symbols or actual words!

The writing said "Even this" and I thought to myself.."Yes, even that" meaning the symbolism on how things around us can speak to us..It was referring to my post! My post about symbols and their many ways of speaking to us, as images, words, a formation of rocks or anything else in nature perhaps...just in general I hope you understand. This you can probably also understand why I am keeping my ID private!

Actually I know why the chalk writings were was a school yard and the kids were practicing spelling! See the two sides of this? Their were other words, there were drawings, but things that stood out, are the things that spoke to me! I am hoping that makes my explanation a bit more understandable for everyone reading this...if you didn't run away when I said "the side walk was talking to me with chalk".. lol

You are welcome to leave a comment here, with whatever questions(opinions, remarks, suggestions, and the like), ask me anything!

Have a great day and I hope your week goes great!

Unknown Sender

Life? Symbolism? Or Poetry? What to post?

I don't drink or do any sort of drugs!

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