Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I didn't post a blog yesterday! Another Poem!

Yesterday was a busy day, and I also was here but I was trying to fix my layout a bit so it doesn't seem small nor cluttered!
I wanted to saying something concerning poetry! I write to get things off my chest, I have chose to keep my ID private for personal reasons. I feel if I do not write it down, than I start to get  emotional, moody, angry or all of the above. So I guess it is my punching bag, or my pillow screams...I don't do those things, but figuratively speaking, my poetry and arts is my tool of frustration or venting. I guess it is hard to explain because the only physical means of letting go of things, is with unspoken written words.
Now here is a poem I wrote a while ago!
I have these poems that I post on an old CD, and they have the dates on them and some have the actual time as  well, so if you notice that time stamps that is why!

"Self Pity and Despair"
Sunday, October 05, 2003, 5:49:30 PM - Unknown Sender

Why are you so afraid?
Why are you hiding?
For so long ........all your life
Maybe she's not real,
If you won’t let her out,
She is about to die
Then who will you be?
You have to release her.
For you to live………..right,

How many times have you told yourself?
To get out of your shell,
Release the pain and scream,
To everyone,
Your sorrows and dreams,
For the most they will set you free,
In so many ways,

I know courage is hard to find,
But you have to let go,
Leave your foolishness behind,
Stop feeling so much pity on yourself,
Put forth your outer core and set free the soul no one knows
No one knows you,

Be her once more and live again,
For once be selfish,
And she will teach you in the end.

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