Monday, April 9, 2012

An Untitled one April/23/2009 - Unknown Sender

This one doesn't have a title yet speaks for itself! Maybe "A positive change of life"?

April/23/2009 - Unknown Sender

The torn pages..

So many days have gone by,

So many different hours she cried,

A select few memories come to visit, so she can smile,

As she changes h
erself, for herself,

The pieces of glass trickle to the floor where she stands,

And out steps a brand new woman,

A woman, and she feels like one too now,

Just a little thing, trying to feel so big,

She’ll climb those walls,

Walls of freedom, of a new start,

She thanks all her friends for being there when needed and offers visits.

And now she makes her plans, around no ones schedule but her own!,

She knows they are important, but she finally realized she is too,

And she is Eternally Grateful for all that she owns!

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