Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alone is me...Unknown Sender

Here is an old one I wrote these poems that are being posted! But I have withheld my true name, as I like to keep my identity private. I like to write because it helps release that inner self that cries while we look to other as if we are okay! The hurts there, but no one sees it...that is why I write it. I'd rather be a writer than a drama queen all the time! We all have our moments, well most of us...

July/31/2009 - Unknown Sender

Alone is me...I want my child back..
I never knew what love was,
I thought something wa
s wrong with me,
I never knew I didn't love him that much as all,
Until real love found me,

Too bad it never stayed,
Too bad I'll stay in my ways,
Now I know why love was locked up tight,
I should have become a nun instead I had to fight,

A resentment all my life,
For the men in this world who'd rather die,
The perverts of the earth,
Even girls have that thirst,

But I never wanted it,
And still don't even now,
Who needs a handful of lovers if two can teach you so,
I don't need and I don't care if I am always without a lover alone,

I'm better to me without a mate,
I haven't had a real adult date,
But that's ok with me,
Living alone I feel free to be me.

Too bad, to them revenge is sweet,
Too bad, some people kiss other peoples feet,
I'd rather just be a mother,
I'd rather just be me...Who needs a lover, a man...
Who needs anything but to be a parent, family member and a friend?
That's all I'll ever be because love was never right for me.
I want my child(ren) Alone is me :-(

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