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Hold Your Tears....written June/29/2009

This is one of many the many writings written a few years ago, when life was a lot different than it is now. This was a time of reflect, a time of loss, as well as a time of hardships from the fights we have within ourselves when life seems so very hard to cope! This is the inner voice of strength helping with the fight!

HOLD YOUR TEARS - Unknown Sender - June/29/2009

Hold your tears
Hold your tears,
They will see your fears,
They will see your vulnerable,
They will see you as ea
sy prey,
Hold your tears,
Don't speak your fears,
Or you might just end your happy days,

Look and think before you leap,
Think twice or more if need be,
Don't cry because they feed on pain,
Don't cry they will make you insane,
Hold back your tears,
Don't show your fears,

I have been very courageous all my life,
I can be quite fearless at times too,
But I learned long ago,
Friends leave you if you lose your calm,
Friends don't stick around if you use your palms,
Don't hit the ones you love,
You'll lose them,
Even if it is only vocal,

Think twice,
Make nice,
Stand tall,
Feel like you stand above them all,
But do not put them down because you feel power,
Share it ...embrace every loving hours.

Love is strong, but keep your tears in long,
Try not to let them loose,
You might just lose yourself.


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