Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VISIONS? Just your average DREAMS? Crazy? What are your thoughts?

June 21 2009 - old Journal entry:

Before dreaming...listen carefully to what is said and if you see anything
Just before falling asleep I usually get startled and awaken kind of. Not really asleep yet but like in between, in between worlds lets say..It is quite busy there, busier than my mind which is saying a lot.
For an example:
Yesterday or last night rather, I heard a couple people talking, now I didn't hear everything that was said but what I did get was this - "Where is the evidence?"

Now I know that isn't saying much, but doesn't it bring questions in your mind?

Another one I had yesterday morning....as I couldn't sleep...I heard another couple talking, I can't remember it fully I am trying to though...I see a young woman about my age(29), a very close to the head haircut and she was brunet and well A guys voice (who I couldn't see for some reason) said either "Darrin' Erin" or "Farrin' Erin" And she said in reply "Just Erin is fine thank you!" but she said it in a way as she was not offended by what they said, just simply implying that just her general first name is fine to call her!

There have been many other times like this in the past which always makes me wonder where it all comes from...is it just my mind being strange? Is it some other dimension unknown to others? Is it real time somewhere else? Is it future conversation for someone else somewhere else?

Who really knows what these things I have are but I have always questioned them.

A question I always ask myself "What's wrong with me?" Why do I get these things, why do I get hunches that keep me from leaving my house at certain times? Why do I hate going to the mall so much? lol..I know the answer to that one.

Too many people with too many vibes and feelings all in one place make me feel panicked or uneasy or I even get moody, peeved off, for no reason at all! I feel like laughing at some points and say to myself "WTF was that for?" I it's hard to say....

I guess it all is a mystery and I love mysteries, so I'll always be listening, looking, thinking, questioning, and also trying to help those beyond who will allow me to see what they want as long as they give me proper help or clues to go with it. I try my best, as I know that is why god made me. I am not religious, but I do believe God exist some place. He is also good and evil so be careful what you do as he sees it all, my advice "Think twice!" or more if you have to, take patience in thinking things through and don't be so eager!

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