Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is Past reflection healthy or unhealthy?

Well it has been a bit hectic within my brain lately, I have moments of wondering, Or maybe you could call it wandering.
I am going to try my best to explain this, I have been going to things from my past, for simple self reflection purposes...BUT I get this voice within telling me not to and that it is very dangerous!

The thing is, if we are to learn at all.. do we not have to reflect back in order to see where we have come and how far we have gotten and how much we have grown? That's a long sentence I know...

Anyways I have been going through my past internet foot steps along the way, to try and figure out what all happened and when and possibly learn from that, in order burying it in my own to speak.

Everyone reflects, or at least most people do, in order to be proud of what they have become or to better what they have become by remembering who they were...either reflection process can have an upside!

I have some life thing to straiten out tonight, I just wanted to put a few words of encouragement for those who wish to, or have been thinking of life reflections and stuff.
Have a great Night I am planning to post tomorrow, we shall see how things come about tonight.

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